About Us

Founded in 1994 by Tim Blose, Native Earth Landscaping, LLC is a family-owned, established landscaping company located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With over 25 years of landscaping experience, we provide the highest level and quality of service, at a competitive price.

Native Earth Landscaping, LLC has overseen the design and installation of countless landscapes throughout Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. Working with local residents, second-home owners and local farmers to high-end estates and ranches, our diversity allows us to be creative and provide a range of solutions to any project. We have learned through our experience that success is measured by customer satisfaction and pride ourselves in the fact that our business has been built mainly on referrals.

Native Earth Landscaping, LLC specializes in landscape maintenance as well as offering a full range of services for your property from landscape design, fencing and rock work, irrigation and water management consulting, as well as small annual planters for your home. Please click here for a full list of our services. You can depend on us to create a garden or outdoor space that reflects your unique tastes and specific needs.

timAbout Tim Blose
Tim’s interest in plants and botany began early in life while spending time with his grandfather who was a horticulturist by hobby. His interest was developed further while working at Payne’s Nursery and mentoring under horticulturist and botanist Bill Issacs. Issacs not only passed on his knowledge of plants but taught him to appreciate and respect the land and inspired him to take permaculture, geology, and ecology courses. This knowledge and passion can be seen in Tim’s design through many of his choices, which mostly include native plants and plants adapted to the environment. Over the years Tim has spent winters working on organic farms in Kauai, Hawaii where he gained a deep understanding of the importance of natural organic growing methods. Because of his diverse experience, Tim is able to offer creative solutions while keeping your garden in harmony with nature.