Landscape Restoration

restorationLandscape Restoration
Restoration is especially necessary in areas where there is harm from new construction and/or natural events such as beetle kill or wild fires. The ecological benefits include erosion control, habitat creation, and water retention. There are also economic benefits since the restored areas often require less irrigation and maintenance and we can use plants salvaged from the site before construction. We use a combination of techniques and materials to restore the land back to it’s natural state including:

  • revegetation seeding
  • planting of native grasses, wildflowers and shrubs
  • swales
  • check dams
  • grading
  • drainage
  • storm ponds
  • rock work
  • railroad ties
  • terracing

For example, sloped land is especially vulnerable to soil erosion. To stabilize the slope we might create swales, use erosion-control mats and plant native grasses or shrubs which all help to hold the soil in place and slow down the water.

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